Choosing a practical and beautiful home improvement wallpaper

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to home decoration. In modern home decoration, wallpaper occupies a very important position. So, how can I choose my favorite wallpaper? Here are 8 tips to teach you the wallpaper.
Wallpapers should be in harmony with the decoration style
When choosing a wallpaper, pay attention to whether it is in harmony with the room type. If the height of the room type is lower, the wallpaper of the striped type should be selected as much as possible; the room with brighter light should try to choose the wallpaper with relatively rich and heavy color; and the smaller the room, the smaller the design and the lighter color should be selected. Wallpaper.
Touch texture
Touch the wallpaper with your hand and feel the texture of the wallpaper. The key point is to touch the pattern part to see if the pattern is even. Then compare whether the left and right thickness of the whole wallpaper is consistent, and the effect of the uniform texture of the wallpaper will be good.
Rub the surface
The stain resistance and scrub resistance of the wallpaper are also factors to consider when purchasing, especially for families with naughty babies. At the time of selection, you can use a slightly damp cloth to rub the paper slightly. If the wallpaper is discolored or delaminated, the quality is not good.
Close to the sample or product, smell if there is obvious chemical smell. If you only have a slight taste similar to alcohol, you can use it with confidence. If the odor is heavy, the volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride monomer may be high. The glue attached to the wallpaper should also be carefully selected, otherwise it will easily produce harmful gases and be harmful to health. In addition, the wallpaper is processed at the end of the wall and the end of the house decoration. Because the paint used in the house decoration is not completely dry, the organic solvent in the paint will easily evaporate and pollute the wallpaper.
See how easy it is to clean
Easy-to-clean features of wallpaper, including dust and water resistance. For example, whether the surface of the wallpaper can be wiped directly with a wet rag is a concern of the owner. Relatively speaking, the maintenance of the wall covering must be meticulous. If it is accidentally stained with paint or other stains, it will be difficult to remedy even if it is cleaned up in time. For daily maintenance, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust.
Fire, insect, mildew
In recent years, wallpapers and wall coverings have not only added fire-fighting materials, but also added insect-proof, mildew-proof and sound-absorbing materials, which are undoubtedly very important for users who want to upgrade their home grades.
Best choice of environmentally friendly materials
At present, the substrates used for wallpaper on the market mainly include paper surface, rubber surface (PVC synthetic wallpaper), natural fiber, glass fiber, metal and fabric. In the home decoration, try not to use the rubber surface wallpaper, because the environmental performance of the rubber surface wallpaper is worse, and the rubber surface wallpaper has poor air permeability, and it is easy to curl and yellow after being attached to the wall, which affects the appearance of the room.
The overall effect is very important
On the whole, a good wallpaper should look natural, comfortable and strong. The color matching is vivid, soft and coordinated, the color registration is also very accurate, and the abrasion resistance and color fastness are also strong. Observing from the details, whether the pattern is exquisite and layered, whether the tone transition is natural, the flower is not accurate, whether there is color difference, dead fold, bubble, these are all concerned.


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