Lead: Lace is once again put on the T stage, the classic elements will never be overwhelmed by the tide of fashion, designers still have their favorite.

Once again, lace was put on the T stage. This classic element of romance and refinement will never be overwhelmed by the tide of fashion. Designers still love it. Sexy, psychedelic, pure, refined. Any wonderful words in the world can be used to describe these laces. The charm she radiates infects everyone.

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Lace is sweet and addictive like a candy. It is a complex that elegant women can't afford. Whether it is a complex palace lace, or lightweight perspective gauze is the protagonist of the T stage this season. In this season's T stage we can see a variety of lace and patterns, such as Victorian floral patterns, Chantilly and Leavers lace patterns, these patterns seem to give lace new life. Whether it's a whole dress made of lace or a small suit with lace or trimming to reveal the inner skin, it's fascinating fashion and femininity. The lace dress that is filled with feminine romance has become one of the new fashions.

The celebrity's wearing can always lead the new fashion trend quickly, and the retro elegant and elegant lace fabric is always the favorite of the stars on the red carpet show. The lace fabric reveals a hint of silky skin. It is really charming and exciting. Phil Collins's baby daughter, Lily Collins, has an innately lovely and refined temperament. Although her lace dress style is quite satisfactory, the looming perspective lace design adds a lot of sensuality and layering.

Driven by the trend, Victoria Bechkam did not wear her iconic super tight outfit at the time of attending the event. Instead, she wore a pure white lace dress. The chic lace filled her with a retro taste. , will be Belle Miaoman's body interpretation of the incisive and vivid, revealing a rare lady style Bellow.

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