[China Glass Network] Selection of glass partitions

1 In the common glass partition, the ordinary glass partition is simple and clear, the stained glass partition is beautiful and refined, the sandblasted or carved glass partition is noble and elegant, the cracked glass partition is ethereal and mysterious... The strange visual effects are all created by relying on different materials. .

2 The glass partition of the crack effect must be crushed by special tempered glass and glued by special process, so there will be no two identical patterns, which is in line with the modern personality. The first point in choosing such a glass partition is to pick the pattern. The effect of crack stretching is better.

3 ordinary glass partition seems to be simple, but it is not. Among them, preferred is laminated glass which is still rare on the market. The advantage of this kind of glass is that the surface looks the same as ordinary glass, but in the event of an accidental impact, the glass fragments will be firmly adhered to the SafiexPAB film in the glass, without collapsing debris, and will not be personal. Security poses a threat.

4 Most glass partitions use tempered glass for safety. The difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass is that tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form pressure on the surface of glass. Stress, when the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity, enhancing the wind resistance of the glass itself, cold and heat, impact and the like. Moreover, after the tempered glass is broken, the damage to the human body is much less than that of ordinary glass, and the risk is small.

Glass partition feature

1. The glass partition products can be partially disassembled and reused many times. Some materials in the compartment system will not bring waste to the environment. It is a kind of green building material, and the service life is long. In the long run, the high manufacturers are installed at high intervals. Intersystem materials are cheaper and more cost effective than installing other forms of partitioning materials.

2. During the use of glass partition, the position of door, window, physical module and glass partition can be changed at any time. It can be reassembled and reused. After the material is disassembled, the damage is minimal, and it can greatly reduce the frequent relocation of the office. cost.

3, the glass partition internal structure can be easily used for cable laying. It is not necessary to wall-buried, the maintenance and replacement of the cable is more convenient, the strong and weak electricity is separated, and the cable trough can shield the signal line.

4, glass partition installation is faster than ordinary partition wall.

5, separated by good glass partition fire-resistant fireproof, compartment system is composed of metal structure, glass, color steel plate and other materials are also fire-resistant, the internal structure of the compartment system is steel structure, its fire endurance is 30MIN, 60MIN or more Long time.

6. The glass partition is discharged without pollution and odor, and can be used immediately after loading.

7. The inside of the glass partition door frame is pre-installed with a sealing strip, which improves the sound insulation effect and sealing performance. The door bottom sealing strip can be added to make the sound insulation system complete.

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