Women are always unable to resist the delicate, sweet lace of the temptation, both "inside" and "outside", as long as the lace embellishment, immediately make your elegance rise several Level, here are several recommended for you Chan cloud lace series, speed to watch Oh ~


Clear stripes and sweet lace collision, creating a romantic and aesthetic visual experience, classic Bra design, strong focus on the chest, make the chest more plump mellow; high heart design chicken, under the Department of strong support, stability and more effective in preventing movement Bit, climbing phenomenon occurred.

婵之云精致甜美蕾丝系列  提升你的优雅 Level

Classic 3/4 mold cup, with super breathable performance, together with the delicate lace-type dark floating above the skin, sparkling flatter reveals the elegance indifferent temperament, the ultra-high bit effectively gather armpit fat, so that the chest is concentrated Upright visual experience, 尽显 extraordinary charm and taste.

Woven Shuttle Loom Items

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