Recently, the "Cangnan Garment Merchants Association of Wenzhou Branch of China Minsheng Banking Co., Ltd." was officially established by the China Minsheng Bank Wenzhou Branch and the Cangnan Garment Merchants Association. The first batch of more than 100 garment companies joined the cooperative.

It is understood that "China Minsheng Bank Wenzhou Branch of the Cangnan Garment Merchants Association Urban Commercial Cooperative" serves Cangnan clothing enterprises. After joining the company, the members can voluntarily choose to join the "mutual assistance and cooperation", in order to subscribe for a certain amount of margin and risk preparation. After the payment is made, the ** application without any mortgage or guarantee can be submitted to the bank.

The Minsheng Bank’s establishment of the Cangnan Garment Merchants’ Urban Business Cooperative is under the guidance of the National Small and Micro Finance Policy. It aims to integrate loose small and micro customers into an organized economy, thereby helping small and micro businesses to develop and resist risks and enjoy Minsheng Bank's comprehensive financial and non-financial services. The establishment of small and micro enterprise urban commercial cooperatives not only meets the strategic positioning of Minsheng Bank, but also effectively meets the needs of small and micro customers.

According to the relevant person in charge of the China Minsheng Bank’s Wenzhou Branch, mutual assistance and cooperation have the characteristics of limited liability, controllable risks, and benefit sharing, which increases the number of channels for small and micro enterprises and reduces risks.

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