In the eyes of the doctor, the old shoes that are "out of shape" are good "foot molds". By looking at the changes before buying new shoes, you can find shoes that suit you.

Everyone's feet are not exactly the same. In addition to size and fatness, the support of soles on the soles of the feet is very important, so look at the shoes that you pass through. If you wear the outer side of the heel and the inside of the sole of the foot very strongly, it may be that the arch is too low or Is a flat foot, such a foot shape selection of relatively hard shoes, can get a good support.

If the arch of the foot is too high, the outer side of the old shoe that wears through will be worn more severely. This type of person must pay attention to the shoes with better cushioning and cushioning when buying shoes or wearing shoes, or if the sole is thick and elastic. Shoes, such as tendon shoes and shoes with foot air cushions. Physician Zhang Jianzhong, an out-patient from the Beijing Tongren Hospital, said that cushioned shoes can counterbalance the reaction to the feet and feel effortless when walking. Especially for climbing and long-distance travel, the over-archy should be worn. Soft and elastic shoes. (brightness)
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