Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones in nature, and the most precious and rare colored gemstones are undoubtedly of course non-colored diamonds. The colored diamonds from the strata of billions of years ago have always been rare in production. For every 10,000 carats of diamonds, there are only 1 carat of colored diamonds. Therefore, it is rare to be able to balance color saturation and translucent. It is a unique treasure.

Compared with colorless and transparent diamonds, natural colored diamonds are originally rare and have high value. Even if the workmanship, weight and transparency are the same, most natural colored diamonds are still more valuable than colorless and transparent diamonds. Among the colored diamonds, pink diamonds are the most popular. Its output rate is about one hundred thousand of the total diamond production, so the possibility of encountering it is extremely low; plus the mining volume of the world's largest diamond mine in the Kimberley region of Australia has been declining since 1979, making pink Diamonds are rare gems of higher value.

The so-called pink diamonds are pink natural colored diamonds formed by natural materials; colored diamonds containing pink and beautiful natural colors are also called "color diamonds". Natural pink diamonds do not change the color of the mined ore that is mined, so the color is different from the artificially made pink diamonds, and it has the dazzling brilliance of natural pink. The value of pink diamonds depends mostly on color and weight. Although there are various types of pink diamonds depending on the shade, the deeper the color, the higher the value. Although there are many colored diamonds that are artificially colored on the market, they can be judged as natural or artificially processed diamonds by identification.

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