"Bear B Qi" brand children's clothing is a professional children's clothing company - Foshan East Hyun Fashion Co., Ltd. design and production. "Bear B Bitch" to highlight the children's fashion trends of the new concept of culture, the fashion of the rich colors and personalized health features into the "Bear B BIRD" design and production, more in line with the personality and needs of modern children and adolescents to "bear Culture "as the core commitment to create a new" Chinese children's new concept of life Museum. " "Bear B Bitch" brand children's clothing advocates lively and generous, simple and practical, stylish and casual taste and culture. In 2004 the successful launch of China Red Year Series. 2005 Korean wave popular period, launched the "big long today" series, swept the market in 2006 to a strong denim series to become the market's strong. Today, "Bear B Bik" fashion lady, fashion leisure, fashion sports, classic campus four series, with a sound product structure, a clear color to spread and promote children's clothing.

The women Cashmere Coat is made of surrey llamas and pug cashmere .. Every detail shows ingenuity

Women'S Cashmere Overcoat, high-class cashmere pug cashmere, sully alpaca, delicate and soft wool, comfortable and skin-friendly, ready-to-wear silhouette, comfortable and warm. Soft anti-pilling, soft color, slim version.

Alpaca and wool are protein fiber resistant to acid and alkali. Washing is strictly prohibited. Dry cleaning is recommended. Machine washing is not recommended

When washing, soaking is strictly prohibited, using alkaline washing liquid is strictly prohibited, and tanning is strictly forbidden

Add insect repellent and store in a dry and ventilated place

Bask in a way

When air drying, spread the shade dry or hang the shade half, wet plastic or semi-dry plastic, can remove wrinkles, do not insolate under the sun

Cashmere Overcoat

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