Autumn brought a cool temperature, a variety of styles of autumn, the jacket will bring a new round of fashion feast. Fall and winter 2014, what style is popular women's jacket? Which color is better to wear in autumn? Thousands of new autumn 2014 listing, sweet and elegant autumn not to be missed.


Windbreaker autumn wardrobe is the most indispensable single product, is one of the most wild coat, although not like pink khaki coat as classic, but in the autumn colors are very eye-catching, especially the design of the collar, The fungus side decoration makes this dress more three-dimensional, it will not appear empty chest.

秋装新款女装外套 秋季女装外套流行什么款式

As urban career beauty, small suits and other jackets, of course, must also be prepared style, it can make your workplace more stylish dress. Small incense round neck coat is very feminine, and elegant temperament, collar and pocket black trim to enhance the bright spot, big brand watermelon red pants, but also a little mix and match flavor.

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