After the establishment of autumn, the high temperature gradually weakened, the weather more and more comfortable, fashion women have started to seize the trend of stockpile inventory opportunities. If you do not know what to wear autumn, then take a look at the ladies age 2014 latest autumn recommend it, draw some inspiration for your extra dress up in the fall.


Just autumn, the temperature did not drop very much, this time choose a soft chiffon shirt is the most suitable with a single product, whether it is with the dresses or pants match are very beautiful, the color can choose some bright colors or Is eye-catching colors, such as yellow, blue, etc., in addition to select some of the accessories such as belts to embellish the overall shape.

秋装新款女装外套 2014年秋季流行什么女装

Fall rain frequently, slowly began to wear two sets, so coat in your shopping list is essential Oh! Choose a new season of small suit jacket, take the summer T shirt or shirt can create a completely different fashion style, but also improve the utilization of summer wear.

秋装新款女装外套 2014年秋季流行什么女装

As time goes on, the thick section of clothing should start to prepare, a classic plaid style cape loaded, camel is a very easy to match the color, and the color of the fall is very close, for your fall to add Highlights.

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