New era women sketch -

Under the soft appearance,

Have self, have firmness, and have strength.

Originating from the aristocratic culture of France 1800-1860,

Committed to let the new ladies and girls interpret the luxury life of self-confidence and casualness.

After nine years of creation, development, and precipitation,

Begin to seek to transform into a more contextual context

Aesthetic system and mode of communication -

The power of feminine .

With modern, feminine and strength as the main line,

Through exquisite tailoring,

Creative design,

The use of high-grade fabrics,

Painted with a dazzling sense of luxury,

Deduct the purity and confidence of modern women.

The new collection is based on the power of feminine power .

Strive to show the unique feminine power of women.

Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s ballet "Swan Lake",

The graceful rhythm is accompanied by a swan-like ballet.

Fashion is in harmony, accompaniment, harmony, and resonance.

Slowly kicked off.

Sweet and soft, low contrast, asymptotic color,

Under the construction of transparent mesh, organza and hand tweed,

Construct a beautiful and real world.

The sense of craftsmanship and the way art deconstructs,

Makes modern women more stylish, sophisticated and comfortable.

The value of OBBLIGATO has been developing for nine years.

An update was made to my own language of communication.

The feminine beauty of women is not weak.

It is a power.

This time,

Let style and design be subtracted,

Interpret them with hidden but not obvious fashion.

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