This site July 30 hearing, which brand of dress skirt has such a big charm, even let the six actress invariably perform the interpretation? The answer is Giorgio Armani. Ni Ni was present at the event wearing Giorgio Armani's 2013 Spring-Summer series of Sleeveless Bra Dresses and many celebrities.

Ni Ni interprets Giorgio Armani's 2013 Spring Summer Sleeve Tube Top Dress. Although choosing shawls for long hair, the clean midpoint is equally refreshing. The difference is that with the model, she chose to show another elegant and meticulous chain of the same color handbag, a little less personality but a little more feminine.

Jin Haina debuts Giorgio Armani 2013 Scale Tube Top Dress. Unilateral curls with a fine hand ring, compared with the sexy Ni Ni's small woman, Kim Ha Neu wear this dress out of the intellectual moderator.

Kelly shows Giorgio Armani's 2013 Spring Summer Sleeve Top Dress. Outstanding temperament and tall figure, she challenged this skirt to be effortless and handy. Jin Haina also chose unilateral curly hair styling, and Ni Ni "bumps", but with the same series of wide bracelets, double the gas field. The overall style is full of self-confidence, and the atmosphere is good.

Li Xiaofeng plays Giorgio Armani's 2013 Spring Summer Sleeveless Tube Top Dress. As the only short-haired actress who interprets this dress, Li Xiaofeng is not familiar with the top few and takes an elegant and personal line.

Jolin Tsai shows Giorgio Armani's 2013 Spring Summer Sleeve Top Dress. After wearing the skirts in such a graceful style, Xiao Tianhou can deduce the taste of punk wild and stick their own labels.

Guo Pei Ting debuts Giorgio Armani's 2013 Spring Summer Sleeve Top Dress. The goddess "Nanxiang" wore this skirt out of another taste - Xiao Jia Biyu's elegant gentleness.

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