Feng brand women's shoes brand new temperament flat…

This site on December 21 hearing, high-heeled shoes have become a must in many women's shoe items, but long-term excessive wear high-heeled shoes will lay a hidden danger for health, such as low back, cervical pain, athlete's foot, knee arthritis, Toe injury and so on. Therefore, a pair of-----

ABC Brand's Autumn 2013 New Product Launching Cerem…

Recently, the leading brand of children's products in China, the ABC brand of China Children's Products Co., Ltd. started its grand opening in Quanzhou - "Start, Dreams Don't Stop" ABC 2013 Autumn New Product Launch. During the four-day new product launch event, distributors a-----

Diseases from the heel wear condition

[This site - shoes and life] everyone must have found themselves wearing shoes heel children are a bit biased, the more typical are, outside the eight characters, the inner eight characters. Even some women wear heels with heels that are even more serious. People who look from the back feel a litt-----

A number of high standards of self-built factory Outsta…

Offside juvenile equipment has been excellent for the price of consumers love, in the same price to achieve the best quality, the same price to achieve the most affordable price. The reason why this can be done is that offside clothing always quality control in their own hands, many self-built bran-----

GOGIRL Women's Song: Natural, Warm and Colorful

GOGIR this winter series of products with fashion and color to create a story-like aesthetic and romantic, fun this winter season. The products with the theme of "country poetry" show a colorful ethnic style. Gaoge "Winter sees the sea" series Products return to nature, loose -----

Odbo doomsday monologue gives the mind a fake

Come on, join odbo “Doomsday Monologue”. Here, no stranger, everyone abandons the shackles of the past, embraces confidence in the future, and welcomes the arrival of a new cycle. The ancient Mayans distributed doomsday speeches to humans as early as they predicted that the end of the -----

HIRST2012 fall and winter details of the classic qualit…

HIRST, a Korean luxury casualwear brand, is based on the international brand's prestige design concept and exquisite garment making process. It integrates fashion, leisure and personalities to interpret and guide the pursuit of lofty urban women's life , To create a classic brand. -----